Monday, November 12, 2007

Our heroines and their continued adventures. On a stoop.

B: When I went to bed, and I thought to myself ‘oh, you can like…(drowned out by passing car)

C: Alright, yeah, I hadn’t even remembered it yet… I was just about to.

small crash

B: I think I (unintelligible)

A: Kinda cool out here.

C: Dude… come and go. Air comin’ off the water,

A: Yeah, right? I’m going on Friday to a ball game.

C: Whose playing?

A: Um… shit.

C: This is the last game in the series .

A: Um….. I think Colorado.

B: Colorado!

A: (muttering) Fuckin’ Colorado.

C: Dude, the Houston Astro’s uniforms they were awful, they were… (laughter)… terrible!

B: (laughing)

C: I’m just like y’all bring back the orange rainbow, c’mon.

B: What are you talking about ‘orange rainbow’?

A: 70’s logo.

C: 70’s orange rainbow.

B: Ohhhhh…

C: It was like, it was beautiful. It was like…there were all these different like orange stripes. They matched the Astrodome, which doesn’t matter anymore ‘cause they don’t play in the Astrodome anymore. But, you know it wasn’t like attractive but at least it was distinctive.

B: My parents have this big, blue wool blanket that has the L.A. Rams logo on it, which doesn’t even exist anymore. There’s no such thing as the L.A. Rams.

A: The first car I ever drove was my dad’s Mazda B1000 and it had a sticker on it that said “My favorite team is the Bruins or whoever’s playing USC” ‘cause my dad is a UCLA alumni.

cars on street

C: Dude, I remember, okay, back in the day

A: Which was uh, uh a Tuesday, in case you didn’t know, back in the day was a Tuesday.

editors note: yes, yes this joke was stolen from dane cook. he was funny once. I know, I was surprised too.

C: This was waaay back in the day, when the Astros and the Oilers played in the Astrodome, like they had their own separate stadiums.

B: Wasn’t that where they relocated Hurricane Katrina survivors?

C: It’s the eight wonder of the world.

C: No, that was the Superdome in uh…

A: Louisiana, right?

C: New Orleans, yeah.

A: Yeah.

B: Well, I thought they moved them.

C: That’s where the Saints played.

A: They initially had everybody evacuate to the Superdome in Louisiana.

C: There were also then people relocated to the Astrodome.

B: Yes, that’s what I thought, I thought that the Astrodome was one of the relocation places.

A: They did like a Newsweek thing on how many people were still in FEMA trailers, just like not able to like…

B: Still in what?

A: The FEMA, that’s the Federal Emergency Management, Federal whatever.

B: Right, right. Well, - got hooked up here through that organization.

C: Yeah, yeah.

A: Oh yeah, I know ‘cause they had to basically pay them a check and he everything he got, you know, some sort of compensation for it or whatever. But yeah, I remember it was like the anniversary and name was like “Be nice to -.” It was on a Thursday or something like the day before or the day after and he was like really upset and I was like “That’s something that really… sticks with you.”

C: Oh yeah.

B: Oh yeah.

A: It’s also like … what a national embarrassment man, what better proof…

C: Noooo shit!

A: That we can’t take care of our own people?

C: That’s right.

B: And there they were, still deploying troops halfway across the world and like…

C: Dude, Houston absorbed …

A: A lot of folk.

C: Houston absorbed half a million people.

B: Holy shit!

A: Was there an obvious drain on like pubic services?

C: Oh well the murder rate went up thirty percent in one year.

A: Right.

B: Woo! In Houston or…?

C: (drags off cigarette) In Houston.

B: No good.

C: (curtly) Yeah, four hundred murders a year is not so good.

A: That’s more than one murder a day, yeah…(sigh)… that’s us moving ourselves closer to extinction.

B: baa-ram, bar-rram, bam!

C: So, we’ll see.

A: We’ll see, we’ll see how low these limbo boats can sink beneath these choppy seas…

C: We’ll see how much Houston will resemble my memory of it, probably very little.

B: We’ll see how long we can run an arms race with half the nation…

B & A (in unison): Still silently slipping into the reach of poverty, we’ll see.

A: But as of now, chicks always rock the hats fucking perfectly, giggling and smiling and saying maybe if you blow my mind there’s a chance I’ll unzip my pants, aaah yes, but… (whispers off)

editors note: the above lines are part of a poem done by one of our Transcriptions regulars and is copyrighted by her.

B: That was one of the wildest cut-up poems I’ve ever done.

A: That was a really good cut-up dude.

B: (giggling a little) Wild one!

sound of drags and exhales

B: It wasn’t like entirely a cut-up either though.

A: It was like…

B: It was half-and-half, half cut-up half construction; it was I constructed the rest of the poem around the cut-up.

A: It was … you, you.. you know, inspired by not based on.

B: Right.

C: Oooh, it’s gonna be hot.

A: Tomorrow.

C: We got the high 80’s, in Texas and Houston.

B: That’s right, you’re leaving on Saturday.

A: How long are you gonna be gone for?

C: I will be back on… June 1st.

A: So is that when you start the job?

C: Uh, no…the 3rd.

A: Okay, that’s good, have you given notice at that place yet?

C: Today.

A: Cool.

C: Told them my last day is Friday. (laughs loudly)

C: And the assistant manager called me a fucking bitch.

A: Wow.

B: (laughing) Did she really?

C: Not.. a little indirectly, when another manager came in she held up my voluntary exit form…

A: Right.

C: She was like “Look what this fuckin’ bitch is doin’!”

B: Woah.

A: Yeah, I’d say that it’s definitely time to bounce time. It’s time to go.

C: Yeah, well and you know, whatever.

A: Whatever, yeah.

C: But man, there sure were a lot of people real snarky at me today.

B: Yeah, well you know what? They can cover your shifts while you’re drinkin’ fuckin’ mai-tai’s dude.

C: (laughs heartily)

B: You’re like, here’s to, uh, not being there anymore.

A: I’m trying to get to New York by the end of August or maybe sometime in September..


A: depending on when I can get frequent flyer miles off my dad.

car rolls by

C: (giggles evily) That was so fun.

B: Ooh, look – it’s a slug.

A: Ah, delicious slug.


C: Don’t lick it!

B: Uuggh, gross.

C: Deelicious slug!

A: Some of that dipping sauce?

many voices saying “eeew!”

C: Butter and garlic upstairs… make a meal.

A: (loftily) Let’s live off our environment. Our dirty, urban environment!

C: Eating slugs!

A: Alright!

A: You got the thing? You got the thing. She’s got the thing.

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